Get Your Detailed Images Printed Perfectly On Apparel

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) is a printing technique that applies ink directly onto the fabric of a garment. Think of it like an inkjet printer for apparel. DTG printing allows you to print more complex designs in a wide range of vibrant colors. Using our high-tech DTG printers, we can print highly detailed images—even photos (a beautiful sunset, a family photo, your pet, etc.)—on a variety of garments. DTG printing is accurate, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective for smaller projects, delivering beautiful, high-quality printed garments that are sure to impress.

Although DTG is a specialty print technique, placing a DTG order is nothing out of the ordinary. Simply send us a high-quality image file (see Artwork Specs for more information), pick your garment, and away we go!

Then it’s just three steps to a finished product:

  1. Prepare your design: We prep the image for printing, ensuring correct formatting, sizing, and color composition.
  2. Print: We print the image on the garment of your choice.
  3. Treating the garment: We “cure” the garment, which ensures the print will last for years to come.


With a low minimum and ability to produce realistic designs with an unlimited number of colors, DTG printing is perfect for creating samples, small batch runs, or simply testing a design in your marketplace without having to carry a ton of inventory or shell out for multiple screen set-ups. If you’re looking for flexible, no-hassle printing that delivers amazing results, direct-to-garment printing is a good fit.

Low Minimums Not ideal for large orders
No set-up fees Not recommended for use on synthetic fabrics
(stick with 100% cotton!)
Full-color prints (with use of CMYK) No specialty print locations such as sleeves
Ability to print photos Not for use on bags, pants, pants, jackets, etc.
Soft waterbased print Exact PMS matching not available
High detail printing
Available on light and dark garments



Our standard turnaround for direct-to-garment orders is 15 business days (approx. 3 weeks, excluding holidays).

Expedited orders may be available for an additional fee, depending on our availability and the scope of your order. Please contact us directly if you need to meet a specific deadline.


When it comes to DTG printing job, we stick to the basics:

    • Quantity: How many pieces would you like to order? We have price breaks at quantities of 13, 25, 49, 73, and 97. Have an order over 97 pieces? Contact us directly and we will determine special pricing.
    • Print Size: Artwork 5″x5″ and smaller will be priced lower than larger artwork (up to 12″x14″) or oversized artwork (up to 14″x16″).
    • Garment Color: Light garments will be priced lower than dark garments.

Curious about the exact pricing? Reach out!

Artwork Specifications

For DTG, we prefer vectors (.ai, .eps, .svg) or raster images sized for print (max 12″ wide, 14″ tall; up to 14″x16″ for an added fee) at 300dpi. If your design isn’t one of these formats or if you have any artwork questions, no need to worry, our design team will happily assist you!



Press & Release printing is proud to offer the best digital direct to garment printing services in Philadelphia. Our DTG printing services can transform even the most complex designs into beautiful prints on the garment of your choice.

Why is digital direct to garment printing so popular?

Digital direct to garment printing companies have gained popularity for many reasons. DTG printing has low minimums, no setup fees, full color prints, and the ability to print photos through high detailed printing. DTG printing also uses water based ink, creating a nice soft print.

If you’re a small business or local organization in the Philadelphia area, consider digital direct to garment printing services for your next project. This printing method can help you produce stunning prints that are sure to make your garments stand out. Digital direct to garment printers use advanced technology capable of producing almost any design you can imagine.

How is digital direct to garment printing different than other printing services?

Direct to garment printing is ideal for complex designs that contain many colors. These designs are often unsuitable for other printing methods. Digital direct to garment printers use CMYK to seamlessly create full color prints with vibrant colors.

Because of its low minimums, direct to garment printing can be ideal for small runs, creating samples, or testing a new design. Many Philadelphia companies also use it for printing photos and other full color prints.

In addition to DTG printing, our company also offers screen printing services in Philadelphia. This allows us to print almost any design at any quantity. If you’re unsure which print method is right for you, reach out to us today.

How do I know if my order is right for digital direct to garment printing?

Because there’s virtually no setup involved with digital direct to garment printers, minimums are much lower than other printing methods. This makes it very attractive for many smaller companies in Philadelphia. If you have a larger order, other services such as screen printing may prove to be more cost-efficient with special bulk pricing. Our company can help you choose the best services for your project. No matter the size of your company or order, we have a printing method right for you!

Find out why so many consider Press & Release printing to be among the best in direct to garment printing services in Philadelphia. Our team is standing by, waiting to answer any questions you may have about DTG printing. If you’re in Philadelphia or the surrounding area, contact us to today to learn how direct to garment printing services can benefit you today!