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T Shirt Printing Services in Philadelphia

We bring your vision to life through custom merchandise and promotional products. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products and service. We are constantly learning, and continuing to find ways to improve our production and process.

At Press & Release you get the individual care and attention of a small mom and pop, with the systems and resources of a large national brand.

We’re your resource for compelling custom design and high-impact promotional solutions. We’re obsessed with curating and customizing products that elevate your message and drive your success. Most importantly, we strive to earn your trust, and we do that by delivering consistently excellent results that make a difference to your business, your brand, and your customers.



Need a custom design? We’ve got you covered! Reach out to us directly, or get started today with our easy to use online design studio.


Already have a design? We will confidently guide you through the process of decorating the garment of your choice.


Looking to raise money for your organization, school, or a great cause?  We can help you reach this goal through the use of branded merchandise.



Placing an order with P&R is easy. Follow the 6 steps below, and you’ll have your order in hands before you know it. Our account managers are standing by waiting to assist you with your order. We can’t wait to get started and help bring your vision to life!

Submit an instant quote, email us your order details and artwork, or give us a call. We’ll assign an account manager to your project who will assist you with your order. Want to jump ahead? Place your order through our design studio.
We will work with you to finalize garment selection, color, size breakdown, etc. We will help you determine the right products for your goals and budget.
We will work with you to determine the best decoration method for your products and project. Here we will assess your artwork, and make sure it’s production ready.
We will send you digital mockups showing your garment, decoration method, and production specs such as imprint location, size and colors. You’ll also receive a final invoice outlining your product selection, size breakdown, and order cost. Payment is made upon approval, and away we go!
This is the fun part. Your order enters production where it is customized to the highest standard. Once production is complete, your order is carefully inspected, packed, and prepared for pickup or shipping.
Your order will be ready for pickup or shipping in 10 to 15 business days from the time payment is received. Faster turnarounds are available, so please make your “in hands date” known to your account manager right away. Now it’s time for you to wow your recipients!



With so many companies offering the same products and services, it can be tough to choose the right one. We know that choosing the right company for your project can be a daunting task. Above all the great products and services we offer, is our word. When we tell you we are going to do something, we will deliver. Here are a few of our promises to you:


Technology streamlines our work, but there will always be a human behind every interaction. Great customer service starts with great people.


No one likes surprises when it comes to pricing. We provide fair upfront pricing from the moment you inquire about a quote.


This is kind of our thing. With a combination of the right people, products, and tools, we can deliver unparalleled quality for any order.


No one likes to be lied to. If we tell you your order will be done by a certain date, it will be. It’s our always on time guarantee!





Good business starts with a genuine, sincere connection.
Use the form below or connect with us via social media.

Custom Merch Design in Philadelphia


If you’re looking to create the best customizable apparel, reach out to our team today. We offer top-notch custom t-shirt printing services among many others. Our goal is to help small businesses and organizations in the Philadelphia area succeed. Market your business or organization with our custom hoodies, custom t-shirts and other customized accessories.

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Press and Release is a local company in Philadelphia, PA, that helps other local companies with t-shirt design and printing. Creating custom made shirts and other apparel for your brand or business is a great way to get your name out there. We offer a plethora of printing services that can match any budget and provide you with great designs. Some of the services we offer include screen printing in Philadelphia, embroidery, promotional products and more! Another popular service we have is direct to garment printing in Philadelphia.

Here at Press & Release, we take a lot of pride in being a locally owned and operated company in Philadelphia, PA. We are passionate about helping other local companies with custom t-shirt design and printing. Creating custom made shirts and other apparel for your brand or business is crucial to making sure you are seen and heard.

We offer a variety of printing services that fit your budget, all while ensuring your logo or design looks great. Some of the services we offer include screen printing in Philadelphia, embroidery, DTG, promotional products, and more! Find out why we are rapidly becoming one of the most popular shops for direct to garment printing in Philadelphia. Whether your order is large or small, we have a service that is right for you.

If you have a t-shirt design in mind for your business or organization, we can help bring your vision to life. Whether you design your own shirt, or we create a design for you, we will create the most unique personalized t-shirts and other custom apparel. We can make any brand or business stand out in the Philadelphia area with our custom t-shirt printing services.

If you have a t-shirt design in mind for your business, organization, or event, we can bring it to life! Whether you want to design your own shirt with our easy to use design studio, or enlist the help of our talented designers, we will make sure you get the most out of your personalized t-shirts and other custom apparel. Our custom t-shirt printing services are sure to make your brand or business stand out in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

We’ve developed a detailed procedure that streamlines the t-shirt printing process. All you have to do is talk to us, design your own shirt or collaborate with us if you have any ideas, pick your products and decoration method, and approve the final design. We do the rest! We make sure every garment is made to the highest quality and we double check the finished product before sending it to you. You’ll be able to wow family, friends, coworkers and potential customers with our custom made shirts.

The custom t-shirt ordering process can be complicated, but we’ve done our best to make it as simple and pain free as possible, all while maintaining that old fashioned human touch. To get started, it’s as simple as talking to us. We will work with you regardless of if you’d like to design your own shirt or have us design one for you. Once your design is finalized, we will work with you to pick the right products and decoration method for your project. With your seal of approval, it’s off to production! Everything we do is done to the highest quality by maintaining several quality control measures. The result, your end product is something you’re proud of. Let us help you wow family, friends, coworkers, and potential customers with our custom made shirts.

Many companies and organizations don’t understand the power that custom apparel has on their brand. Custom hoodies, shirts, bags, and accessories are a stylish and cost effective marketing tool. You can also use our custom made shirts as giveaways at events or gifts to family and friends. Everyone loves receiving custom merch and wearing it out and about.  This makes it an easy and effective way to promote small businesses, nonprofits, or local organizations throughout the Philadelphia area.

Too many companies or organizations underestimate the power that custom apparel and merchandise has on their brand. Put your brand in the hands of current and potential customers by creating impactful merchandise including custom hoodies, shirts, accessories, promotional products and more. Custom made shirts are a cost effective marketing tool that are great as giveaways at events or gifts to employees or customers. Custom merch is universally loved. It’s time to have fun with your marketing budget, and promote your small business, nonprofit or local organization throughout the Philadelphia area.

We help companies throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas with custom t-shirt design and merch production. Although we are a Philly based company, we provide many businesses with t-shirt printing services in Norristown, PA and in the Bucks County area. Wherever you’re located, we will make ordering custom apparel easy.

Like any other marketing vehicle, custom t-shirts are an investment. Reach out to an account manager or check out our quote calculator for an instant quote. We strive to provide quick, accurate and upfront quotes for all custom merch orders. All projects are completely unique and fully customizable. For large orders, we recommend speaking with an account manager for special pricing.

If you’re not sure you have the money to invest in our custom t-shirts, we can provide you with an instant quote! All you have to do is put in information about the custom merch you’d like, and we can tell you how much it’ll cost. Every project is customizable, and we can even provide special pricing for large orders.

Quality takes time, but we ensure you receive your personalized t-shirts and other custom merchandise in a timely manner.  Our standard turnaround time is 10 to 15 business days.  We know many custom merch orders have strict deadlines, and we are here to meet them. Always be sure to discuss deadlines with account managers at the beginning of your custom merch order.

We ensure you receive your personalized t-shirts and other custom merchandise in a timely manner. We know how important it is to have your custom merch done by a deadline, and we always meet your expectations.

We take pride in helping local businesses and organizations in Philadelphia, PA. We can help you design your own shirt and create the best custom merchandise to wear or sell! We believe in complete transparency and collaboration to create the best custom t-shirts and other merch. Get started on your customized apparel today!

If you’re looking for a fully customizable marketing vehicle, look to custom apparel and merchandise. Our custom t-shirt printing services are the best in the region.  If you’re looking for the area’s best in screen printing, direct to garment printing, and embroidery, we are here to help.

It’s our goal to help your small business or organization in the Philadelphia area succeed. Whether you’re looking for custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, or fully customized accessories, we will seek out solutions that create the most value for you and your brand.

If you’re interested in the best custom t-shirt printing services Philly has to offer, Press & Release is the right company for you. Together we can create high quality custom hoodies, shirts, jackets, bags, hats and more. Together we will build your brand and further your success.  We look forward to working with you.

Contact our company today if you’re interested in our custom t-shirt printing services. Together, we can create the best custom hoodies, jackets, shirts, pants, bags, and other merch! We look forward to working with you.

Custom T-shirts are always a great way to make some additional money or bring attention to your brand. If you’re starting a custom made shirts business with original art, then you need T-shirt printing services that you can trust. At Press & Release, we only use the best technologies and materials for our custom apparel. Here’s why you should choose us to make your custom merch in Philadelphia.

Whether you’re selling custom stickers in Philadelphia or personalized T-shirts, you need to ensure your products are high-quality. We’re one of the few printing companies that always imports the best materials for shirt printing.

You can be sure your customers will know whether or not their custom made shirts are high-quality or not. It doesn’t matter what T-shirt design is on it. Our Philadelphia area merch design and materials are unmatched.

No matter what kind of merch design or custom made shirts you need, you can trust our services. We’re one of the few companies capable of producing any custom merch design. This allows you to sell custom hoodies and custom apparel that are unique to your store. Amaze your customers with your incredible custom T-shirt printing by using one of the best printing companies to make your custom hoodies and custom T-shirt printing.

Those who just want to spread their brand can also benefit from our designs. We offer crisp and clean designs and products that look great. Everyone will want to wear your logo.

If you need a Philadelphia area merch design, then our team is ready to help. With great materials and customer service, you can be sure that your custom merch design will come out looking amazing. We always double-check our orders and stitching to ensure it matches the standards that we keep. Our extra work is yours to gain. Put in your order today and start making money or start spreading the news about your brand. 

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Are you looking for the best company to partner within Philadelphia to help create custom apparel, like personalized t-shirts, bags, jackets and more? You’ve come to the right place. Press & Release Printing specializes in custom made shirts and custom merchandise for small businesses, nonprofits and local organizations in Philadelphia. Our company has continued to grow over the years because of our valuable partnerships with small businesses, local agencies, and nonprofits in the Philadelphia region.

See why so many of Philadelphia’s favorite companies trust us as their merch partner. Custom made shirts have always been a staple of the custom merchandise offering of small businesses, nonprofits, and local organizations in the Philadelphia area. We also help create other impactful custom apparel offerings including personalized -t-shirts, bags, and jackets, as well as promotional items, and event giveaways.

We take a lot of pride in helping local businesses and organizations in Philadelphia, PA grow their brand visibility using custom merchandise. Quality custom t-shirts start with quality design. Design your own shirt or collaborate with our design team. Get started on your customized apparel today!