76% of the most valuable brands use two colors or less in their logo. Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Facebook, Apple, Starbucks— all are easily recognized by their one-color logos. These memorable brands prove that you don’t need a high color count to have a high impact.

When it comes to your branding, simple, 1-color designs allow customers to clearly identify and remember your brand, and the same idea extends to custom merchandise (especially when you’re starting out).

The Benefits of 1-Color Designs

When creating their design for screen printing, companies in Philadelphia may opt for one-color designs for the following benefits.

Creates Strong Visual Contrast

A one-color design will create a stronger visual contrast to the material it’s printed on. Certain color combinations always work well together, such as red and white, green and grey, and blue and yellow. By complementing your design color to the product color, you can really make your graphics pop.

Sets the Tone

With one-color designs, you can really focus on color psychology. Customers relate specific colors to specific qualities. For instance, blue is commonly associated with sincerity and trustworthiness, while red is thought to represent excitement. Focusing on a single color for your design can more clearly convey your message with the appropriate tone.

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Appeals to Wider Audience

Sometimes less is more because simple designs are often more popular than busier artwork. A straightforward one-color design will cast a wider net and appeal to a larger audience.

Lower Cost

Screen printers base their pricing on the number of colors in a given design, among other factors. Opting for a one-color design is a great way to save on printing costs.

Lower MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Some screen printers have different minimums depending on the number of colors to be printed. Here at Press & Release, the MOQ for designs with more than 2 colors is 24 pieces, while our minimum for 1- and 2-color designs is 12.

Design and Consulting Services

Coming up with the perfect design for your custom merchandise can be overwhelming. Press & Release offers design and consulting services to help brands like yours create high-impact custom merchandise. Our skilled designers will assist you in creating the best designs for your brand.

Contact us today to put your ideas in print!

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