Every day when we leave the house, it’s: cellphone, keys, wallet, and, oh yeah, mask! Masks have become a part of our everyday lives and seem like they will be for a while. At first, people scrounged for whatever masks they could get a hold of, but now we have great cloth options to choose from. Cloth masks offer improved comfort, less waste, and customization opportunities.

Why Cloth Masks are Better

There are many reasons why you might want to ditch disposable masks and opt for their cloth counterparts. The most obvious and important reason is health. Studies have shown that well-fitting cloth masks can protect you better than disposable ones.

In addition to improved peace of mind, cloth masks offer other benefits as well. We love cloth masks because they are:

More Comfortable: Disposable masks are designed to be super cheap, and are therefore lower quality. Cloth masks are softer and gentler on the skin, especially if worn for several hours. At work, cloth masks could pose less of a distraction than an uncomfortable disposable. Not to mention, your employees will appreciate the gesture, knowing that you care about their health and comfort.

Environmentally Friendly: Cloth masks are more durable and do not rip, tear, or break easily. They can be washed, sanitized, and reused multiple times. Without disposal after a single use, less unsanitary litter is being discarded onto our streets, sidewalks, and landfills. All of which adds up to a healthier environment.

Customizable: If you have to wear masks, why not make the most of it? Businesses can improve brand visibility while catering to their customers by making custom face masks part of the employee uniform. Uniform masks uphold a company’s image, presenting a professional, united-looking staff. Custom cloth masks can also be handed out as branded promotional products as a new style of word-of-mouth advertising!

Mood-Boosting: Instead of bland disposable masks, cloth masks can add personality to an outfit or uniform. You can customize them for the season, a holiday, or a special occasion. Even simply adding your company logo can help your employees feel like part of a team, and present a more confident image to your customers.

Are Custom Face Masks Affordable?

Yes! While custom face masks have a higher cost per piece than disposable masks, they can be reused again and again. So, you save on repeat costs and the trouble of purchasing time and again. They can also add value to your work environment that helps your employees feel appreciated and be more productive. Lastly, they can add value to your day by adding personality and cheer.

Custom Face Masks

Whether you want custom face masks for your brand or your family, Press & Release would be happy to help. As a leading company in branded promotional products, Philadelphia businesses and residents can turn to us for all their customization needs. Contact us today for ideas or a free quote!

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