Having a cohesive staff uniform for your restaurant conveys a unified image to your customers, and makes your employees feel like they are part of a cohesive team. You want customers and employees to take your restaurant seriously, and that begins with taking uniforms seriously. In this article, we discuss how to use uniforms to your restaurant’s advantage.

Uniform Options for Your Restaurant Staff

There is no shortage of options when picking out pieces to include in a staff uniform in the restaurant industry. Different types of restaurants call for different uniforms. So, you must consider which apparel and accessories best support your company image while being functional.


T-shirts are extremely versatile and can work well for any restaurant short of the finest of dining. The versatility lies within their customizability. A tie-dye shirt could be perfect for a funky taco shop, or a black v-neck t-shirt with black slacks could work well for a steakhouse. Not only are they customizable to reflect your brand, but they are one of the most cost-effective options as well.

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Custom polo and button-up shirts can provide a clean and professional look for any business. They are also a great way to distinguish between different positions, such as differentiating managers or bartenders from food runners wearing t-shirts. You can choose to embroider or print your company logo onto these finer tops, creating a cohesive look with a more polished appearance.

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Aprons can be aesthetically pleasing and customized to match your restaurant’s atmosphere. Of course, they’re functional as well. They protect clothing when pouring and serving beverages and hold notepads and pens for servers taking orders from customers.  Many family-owned places, like a pie shop or cafe, feature aprons in their staff uniforms because they provide a “homey” appearance. Other places, like wine tasting rooms and coffee shops, provide “edgier” or more upscale aprons to their staff with creative printed art.


You should also consider what type of accessories to include in your staff uniform. Do you offer patio dining? If so, a hat might be a great option for those employees working outdoors. They can also help hold back hair, which is a nice feature when serving food. Or perhaps you’d like to outfit your employees in plain polo or button-up tops, but provide an enamel pin or name tag that features your company logo.

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Face Masks

To protect your staff and customers and comply with local regulations, face masks are a must-have. Might as well take advantage of the situation. With custom face masks, you can improve branding and further support and give the appearance of a cohesive team.

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